Little Bamboo - Towelling Washer 3-pack Super Soft Natural

by Little Bamboo
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These beautifully soft and gentle washers are great for keeping baby squeaky clean!
Anti-bacterial and more water absorbent, they are a great bath time accessory.
Size: 25cm x 25 cm per washer
Colour: Natural White
Composition: 70% Bamboo Rayon 30% Cotton
This beautiful and soft range incorporates delicate muslin, super soft towelling, sensuous sheeting and beautiful blankets; Little Bamboo is one of the most comprehensive and innovative ranges of bamboo baby textiles the world over.

Bringing together nearly 40 years of history in the baby/nursery textile industry, this range has been developed to be both incredibly functional and extremely aesthetic.

Some bamboo products for babies can feel magnificent at the time of purchase and then transform into something completely different after washing and using it with your baby. Our products are designed to perform as well, if not better than, regular cotton and feel better with every wash.

The Little Bamboo range is a result of extensive research and development to ensure the best balance of construction and composition is achieved. Some of the products are 100% bamboo, while others are blended with cotton. A number of the products are patent pending.

The super soft and comfy bamboo fabrics boast many features that make them great for your baby. Research has shown that, in comparison to cotton, fabrics made using organically grown bamboo fibres are:

+ warmer in winter and cooler in summer - comfy baby
+ more breathable - happy baby
+ have increased wicking properties to draw moisture - drier baby
+ are naturally antibacterial - healthy baby
+ are less susceptible to odours - sweet smelling baby

Bamboo grass has been used to make fibres for thousands of years. Even the method of turning this fibre into yarn has been around for over 100 years.

With the need for more planet friendly garments and textiles, the profile of bamboo is on the rise.This is not surprising when we learn that 5% of the world's crops are cotton and they contribute to 25% of the world's pesticide use.

Bamboo is a positive impact, organically grown plantation that requires no pesticides and little water to grow. It is a very renewable resource and will hopefully work its way into becoming one of the dominant fibres used into the 21st century.

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