Little Bamboo - Cot Sheet Set 3-piece


Available in a range of classic colours and prints, our cotton linen is perfect for your baby's nursery. Our sheets are available in 4 sizes and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect bedroom setting for your baby.

Bassinet: Flat Sheet 112cm x 78cm & Fitted Sheet 80cm x 40cm x 10cm & Pillow Case 36cm x29cm
Large Cradle: Flat Sheet 116cm x 108cm & Fitted Sheet 100cm x 50cm x 15cm & Pillow Case 36cm x29cm
Round Cot: Flat Sheet 138cm x 145cm & Fitted Sheet 124cm x 72cm x 19cm (fits Leander and Stokke) & Pillow Case 61cm x 42cm
Cot: Flat Sheet 138cm x 145cm & Fitted Sheet 135cm x 77cm x 19cm (fits Boori) & Pillow Case 61cm x 42cm
Recommended Retail Prices:
Cot Fitted Sheet (fits Boori): $27.50
Cot Set: $64.95
Round Cot Fitted Sheet (fits Leander and Stokke): $27.50
Round Cot Set: $64.95
Large Cradle Fitted Sheet: $19.95
Large Cradle Set: $44.95
Bassinet Fitted Sheet: $14.95
Bassinet Set: $34.95
Colour: Natural White
Composition: 70% Bamboo Rayon 30% Cotton
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